3 Reasons to refurbish your public-pool surrounds

Billions of PolySoft polyolefin beads poured in a cascade of aliphatic binder are the secret of happy feet, reduced injury and holiday appeal in public-pool […]

Here comes the Mexican wave of PolySoft!

Holiday central embraces the colour, safety and versatility of Australian playground technology. On a bright stretch of highway on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, somewhere between the […]

A PolySoft River Runs Through It

PolySoft brings nature’s flow to a high-rise Hong Kong playground Is it the Kipawa or the Yukon River that runs through the playground of the […]

PolySoft stacks up as the perfect choice for Dubai’s LegoLand

PolySoft has created a cool. smooth oasis among the big, bright bricks of a shiny new theme park. PolySoft Splash is the surface that sets […]

PolySoft Takes the Waters at Jin Fang Spa

Deep in the woods of south-western China’s Yunnan province is a pirate-themed spa experience that’s kind to your feet. No walking the splintery plank here—it’s […]

Kids Hit the PolySoft Playground Running, at New Housing Estate

In a new Southern Highlands development kids are paddling their own canoe on a “dry” creek bed formed by smooth PolySoft surface. How do you […]

ABU Dhabi Enjoys PolySoft Cool Sensation

Pouring on the playful charm,PolySoft delights a new generation of children and adults in one of the Middle East’s most-loved city parks. PolySoft fuses history, […]

Versatex – For Paths Most Travelled

The future looks bright! … And soft under foot with a new hard-wearing, low-maintenance surface system from PolySoft. On the boulevard of life, some surfaces […]

Exclusive Dubai Tourist Zone Brightened by Polysoft

At Dubai’s landmark, luxury living complex, the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), balustraded balconies now overlook hundreds of square metres of purpose-designed PolySoft surfaces that provide […]

Country Queensland Gets A Splash Of PolySoft

A kids’ water playground in vivid PolySoft colour offers cool respite in the brilliant heat of Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’. Spray jets, curtain fountains, splashy seating […]