Billions of PolySoft polyolefin beads poured in a cascade of aliphatic binder are the secret of happy feet, reduced injury and holiday appeal in public-pool surroundings the world over. For the operators of Australian swim venues, summer is just around the corner and the time is right to rethink the pool deck.

Morisset Swimming Pool recently took the plunge, replacing a worn tiled surface with PolySoft, and achieved three main objectives in one vivid Jade Breeze flow.

1 Safety

Two of the major causes of slipping and tripping at public swimming pools are uneven surfaces, and slippery hazards such as the pooling of water on pool surrounds and the mixture of water with oily substances—think sunscreens—underfoot.

PolySoft creates a seamless, even surface that forms easily around pool-deck fixtures, from pool edges, to poles used to support shade cloth, to picnic tables and benches. With no hard, raised or exposed edges, as you’d typically find in tiled surrounds, the likelihood of tripping and skin scraping is dramatically reduced.

In addition, the porous quality of PolySoft Splash allows volumes of water to disperse through the surface to drainage catchments, while the strong chemical bond between the particles ensures enduring lateral strength. PolySoft’s textured surface resists slipping, even in the presence of water, and is kind to bare feet.

2 Comfort

Outdoor pool surrounds can reach scorching temperatures in summer using traditional products such as rubber, tiles or cement. PolySoft has been proven to retain less heat, maintaining a surface cooler underfoot. After all, why are we at Morisset kids’ pool in summer if not to escape the heat?

And if someone does accidentally trip on the edge of their towel, or take a tumble over a pool toy, the excellent impact attenuation of PolySoft surfaces helps guard against serious injury. No wonder PolySoft is the surface of choice in water playgrounds and fun parks from Abu Dhabi to Mexico, to Australia’s Hervey Bay.

3 Fun

The appeal of PolySoft is obvious in all the possible hues of those billions of polyolefin beads. Morisset’s choice of traditional Jade Breeze is just one of hundreds of options and pleasing designs that go with the PolySoft flow. Our Colour Mixer tool lets you try out a variety of colour combinations in different bead sizes. For a sophisticated take on pool hues, we like large beads in Jade Breeze, Liquid Turquoise and Alabaster, with a small-pebble smattering in Midnight.

Patterns and signage can also be incorporated into the PolySoft surface, allowing councils and pool operators to delineate areas for different purposes, direct foot traffic or create some great block-colour contrasts — the Denise Spencer Water Park, part of the local pool complex in Roma Queensland is a great example of how a bold colour scheme can boost your aquatic centre’s fun factor.

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