Pouring on the playful charm,PolySoft delights a new generation of children and adults in one of the Middle East’s most-loved city parks.

PolySoft fuses history, culture, safety and cool pleasure in a children’s water feature, as part of the redesign of Abu Dhabi’s Mushrif Central Park which reopened in March 2015 after a two-year makeover.

Summer temperatures in this island city, capital of the United Arab Emirates, run to the mid 40s on the degrees-Celsius scale, so a water feature splashing over PolySoft’s heat- and slip-resistant surface is a magnet for kids and adults alike.

Syed A. Wajid, General Manager of Tanseeq, the company that installed the children’s playground feature, says his team worked shifts of late-afternoon to midnight to lay the 186 square metres of water- play area, because it would have been hard to maintain surface levels in searing day-time heat. A total of 10 colours of PolySoft granules were used to achieve three dominant colour zones. The overall effect, says Wajid, “is very clean and pleasing”.

Mushrif Central Park is the first project for which Tanseeq has used PolySoft. “Compared to standard rubberised flooring, PolySoft certainly is a more sophisticated product, which is more durable and colour stable owing to the use of high-quality resin binders and polyolefin granules,” says Wajid.

Part of the vision for the revitalised park—which also includes an outdoor performance area, informal areas for sport and recreation, and a botanic garden—was to promote an active lifestyle that contributes to a healthy society. PolySoft promotes safety with its non-slip characteristics, and hygiene with its easy-to-clean surface, while encouraging play with inviting colours.

Amidst the ultra-modern cityscape of Abu Dhabi, Mushrif Central Park “is possibly the most advanced park in Abu Dhabi, following this development”, says Wajid.
PolySoft CEO, Ophelia Zhu, says this prestigious environment highlights PolySoft’s many features and its ultimate flexibility. “PolySoft has shown its adaptability to different cultural and climatic environments in the Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia. While its safety and comfort features are foremost when it comes to playgrounds and pool areas, PolySoft’s vast colour spectrum is what allows it to express different aesthetics, whether inspired by desert hues, tropical waters or simply a sense of fun.”

PolySoft is 100 per cent recyclable and derives 40 per cent of its materials from natural resources.

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