PolySoft Splash is celebrating its 4th and 5th birthdays at aquatic facilities around Australia. How is the soft-fall, slip-resistant surface holding up?

Kids never tire of water games, and in recent years swim centres throughout Australia have installed PolySoft Splash under waterslides, chutes and splash buckets, to promote water confidence and protect children at play.

“Having a water play area is a major feature for the centre,” says Scott Schefferly, duty manager at Leisurelink Aquatic and Recreation Centre, in Geelong. The facility’s 600 m2 splash pad has been a magnet for kids since 2014. “They’re are drawn straight to it,” says Schefferly.

Leisurelink has consecutively installed a number of different surfaces as part of its children’s water feature over the past 10 years, and Schefferly says, “We’ve had
heaps of issues with damaging, cracking, lifting and surfaces being difficult to clean.”

The light-blue and dark-blue PolySoft surface has retained its vibrant hues, and Schefferlink describes it as, “The best surface we’ve come across.”

The enthusiastic pounding of little feet has necessitated spot repairs in a couple of high-traffic areas, and these have been carried out with the result that Schefferlink can look out with pride at the seamless surface.

Albert Aboud, construction engineer at Banyule City Council, also in Victoria, is happy, too, when he sees children running and shrieking under torrents of water at WaterMarc Water Adventure Playpark.

The fun plumbing — water cannons, tubular slides and a giant splash bucket — at this major local attraction really pulls the crowds, and hosting active children’s birthday parties is a speciality of the Playpark.

At one stage, says Aboud, the facility considered installing tiles as the surface for the children’s water feature, but parents were in an uproar, and he’s delighted that PolySoft prevailed as the surface of choice for this 700m2 zone, which is defined by different brightly coloured patterns in PolySoft Splash.

Says Aboud, “We are happy with the product so far. It’s been installed for 4-5 years and it’s much, much better than the previous product, which only lasted for three or four months!”

Wherever children are at play, says Aboud, “there’s always a chance they could fall”, especially where there’s lots of water around. “If you have a hard material it will not absorb any impact,” says Aboud. “It’s better to have a soft-fall floor. We believe PolySoft is very nice for the kids.”

PolySoft’s slip resistance, fall attenuation and irresistible colours have proved to be an enduring asset for aquatic facilities in Australia and internationally.

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