Holiday central embraces the colour, safety and versatility of Australian playground technology.

On a bright stretch of highway on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, somewhere between the modern resort town of CancOn and the ruins of the clifftop Mayan city of Tulum, there’s a new billboard touting the non-slip, soft-fall, high-colour surfaces of PolySoft.

Mexico is experiencing a boom in water-park construction, and CEO of Crea Soluciones, Augusto Diaz Betancourt had surfed the internet searching worldwide for pool-surround and playground-paving technologies that would withstand the Mexican sun and help keep thousands of families safe on water-cooled holidays. It had to be flexible in its application, seamless in finish, and reflect the nation’s love of colour.

“There started our love of PolySoft,” says Betancourt, who put up the advertising billboard when Crea Soluciones began representing PolySoft in Mexico earlier this year.

Crea Soluciones has built its reputation on installing surfaces designed for sport—specialising in running tracks. And, until the company’s designers discovered PolySoft’s UV-resistant, resilient polyurethane-bound beads of colour, they had favoured rubber flooring for playgrounds.

“PolySoft quality has no equal here,” says Betancourt.

The company’s first PolySoft project, a playground for Moon Palace Resorts’ Sunrise Hotel in CancOn, deployed vivid colours such as Crystal Blue, Morning Sky, Burnt Amber, Vermillion, Purple, Viridian, Desert Tan and Alabaster to festive effect. Moon Palace was so happy with the result, it commissioned a vibrant melange of Liquid Turquoise, Jade Breeze, Sunset Fire and Purple for kids visiting its water playground at the new Moon Grand resort, also in Cancun.

“They are more than happy with PolySoft,” says Betancourt of the prestigious resort group’s feedback, “and they continue to recommend us”.

Upcoming installations for PolySoft Mexico include the children’s area at a hotel further south on the Caribbean coastline. “We are going to install some crazy colours!” enthuses Betancourt. In 2018, he also has PolySoft pegged for the redevelopment of the massive Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Oaxtepec, by the US-based Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.

“We’re delighted to see PolySoft represented with such enthusiasm and verve in Mexico.,” says Managing Director Ophelia Zhu.

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