Exclusive Dubai Tourist Zone Brightened by Polysoft

At Dubai’s landmark, luxury living complex, the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), balustraded balconies now overlook hundreds of square metres of purpose-designed PolySoft surfaces that provide cooler-than-tiled walkways and softer-than-concrete playgrounds.

Completed in 2008, JBR is famous for The Walk, a 1.7-metre promenade that not only caters to 20,000 residents, but attracts millions of tourists a year with its restaurants, nearby exclusive hotels, and glitteringly wealthy habitués. By 2013, it needed a revamp.

The client brief for revitalisation of areas along this renowned JBR pedestrian zone included, “an innovative and colourful surfacing product to match the modern design of The Walk,” says Mohamed Hassan of Salam Enterprises Interiors, who contracted to apply PolySoft. “They also had a splash pad and were looking for a product that can perform under chlorinated water. High UV resistance was another key requirement: given the weather conditions in Dubai, they wanted to avoid fading and cracking,” he adds.

It was a job made for PolySoft. Slip resistance in the presence of water has seen PolySoft incor- porated in many children’s water playgrounds, from Singapore to New York, and as a surround for swimming pools and fountains. The product is also colour fast under chlorine-treated water, and under the hottest sun. Its beaded composition, rm and cooler than concrete under foot, doesn’t buckle or warp in extreme heat.

At Jumeirah Beach Residence, PolySoft also needed to ow over mounds that create landscape in the childrens’ areas, and provide the surrounds for trampolines inset into the playground surface.

In all, some 1,000 square metres of PolySoft was applied across several locations, and at different stages in the redevelopment of the precinct. Hassan says installation was trouble free, rendering patterns of inset circles and brilliantly hued mounds with ease.

Having chosen PolySoft colours such as Liquid Turquoise, Sunset Fire, Vermillion and Morning Sky for children’s areas, and Desert tan for thoroughfares and relaxation zones, the client has been delighted with the dual effects of vivid playfulness and calm.“PolySoft really adds value to the overall design of the project,” says Hassan.

“The Jumeirah Beachside project shows PolySoft is as in step with prestige as it is with playfulness,” says Ophelia Zhu, PolySoft CEO. “It’s exciting to see it as part of a tourist attraction, demonstrating durability in this extremely high-traf c area. And I’m delighted that residents are already taking its safety factors for granted.”

Another exclusive Dubai residential development, Tajer—part of the Emaar Souk Al-Bahar project, in the foreground of the famous Burj Khalifa tower—recently resurfaced a previously rubber-tiled courtyard area with PolySoft. The developer praises PolySoft’s durability and choice of colours, which have resulted in a community area that beautifully re ects the surrounding architecture.

Developed and produced in Australia, PolySoft is 100 per cent recyclable, and derives 40 per cent of its materials from natural sources.

For additional information please visit www.polysoftsurfaces.com or contact our friendly team on +61 2 9499 9129.