Beijing-based playground developer, UPgreen has a mission: to bring Chinese families happiness and joy with its safe and creative playgrounds designed for all ages.

The most important element of a playground is the protection inherent in its equipment, especially its surface, says Din ‘Rex’ Qi, Manager of Foreign Trade at UPgreen. Rex rates surfaces according to their impact attenuation, attractiveness, easy installation and maintenance, and environmental friendliness. UPgreen had never been satisfied with the performance of surfaces until it tried PolySoft — now it can’t get enough of the brilliantly hued seamless, soft-fall material.

UPgreen’s most recent PolySoft installations have en in two sophisticated residential complexes in the city of Taizhou. Says Rex, “These projects by the same client have a total of 18 playgrounds dotted among the high buildings. The biggest playground is around 300m2, the smallest is only 20m2 and they cover a total area of about 1000m2.” Children and families chance upon these islands of fun among lush green plantings. Kids have their favourites, and delight in changing their minds …

Developer interest in PolySoft in the Chinese market has been driven in part by its colourful appearance at Disneyland Shanghai. Although some potential clients have subsequently been discouraged by the premium cost of PolySoft, Rex says the investment in safety is justified, and the longevity of the product is becoming legend in Chinese projects.

“According to client feedback,” he says, “wherever PolySoft is installed it has maintained its colour and quality. In one area it was subjected to extreme heat in summer, and frost and snow in winter, as well as salty humidity because of its proximity to the seashore.” He says in that situation PolySoft has stood up not only to climatic abuse, but also to extremely high use, maintaining its appeal and safety qualities.

“In the past, we tried EPDM, rubber tiles, PVC, artificial grass and more,” says Rex, “but we were not satisfied until we discovered PolySoft. It has hundreds of advantages.”

One of these is PolySoft’s vibrant colour palette. The range of colours available is enhanced by PolySoft’s unique system that mixes different sized polyolefin beads in complementary colours for unparalleled richness of hue. You can test the colour mixer online.

Add other qualities such as a slight spring underfoot, a cool touch under the sun and resilience in all weather conditions, and the PolySoft picture is complete for parents who want their kids to have a great time and safe exercise in high-density living scenarios.

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