PolySoft brings nature’s flow to a high-rise Hong Kong playground

Is it the Kipawa or the Yukon River that runs through the playground of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong? Children can decide as they negotiate make believe rapids and log jams in the meandering path it cuts through rolling hills nine floors above the city’s busy street level.

Sounds idyllic? The vision of the school’s playground development committee was, “To create an environmentally friendly, dynamic, inviting and effective play area for younger kids to learn through interaction,” says a school representative. The underlying desire, she says, was to “bring a part of Canada to Hong”.

The PolySoft “river”, formed in the hues of Morning Sky, Crystal Blue and Arctic White, separates two main “islands” in the 650 square metres of play area. Honson Choi, a designer and assistant project manager with Parks Supplies, says the company, renowned for creating thousands of playgrounds in the region, has been using PolySoft in its playgrounds since 2012.

He created the space in collaboration with the school, and says that in this design, “PolySoft provides a firm, flush texture to minimise tripping hazards as children transit from a hard paving material onto this soft-floor area. They’re usually running in!”

Like a real river, the PolySoft feature fulfils many needs, says Choi:

  • “Aesthetically, it cuts a visual path through the green turf to create a more refined space, adding colour contrasts and interesting forms.”
  • Children can use its colour and form “as a tool for imaginary play”.
  • “The surface is firm and consistent, and at the same time provides good impact absorption.” It’s great for tricycle riding.
  • “The colours are very attractive and the resistance to fading is one of the best we‘ve used for playground surfacing.”

Inviting but resilient, PolySoft has been positioned in The Sky’s The Limit playground to absorb the highest traffic—at entrances to the play area, and also as the landing pad at the base of the embankment slide—where artificial turf would quickly be worn away.

At the Canadian International School, city-dwelling primary schoolers may imagine themselves at a bend in the Saskatchewan River, or by the mouth of Canada’s Porcupine River. Wherever their imagination leads them, PolySoft is there at the confluence of making unprescribed play safe, sustainable and fun.

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