When it’s 45 degrees in the shade, kids just want to get wet; but playground operators think, “safety first”!

It may not be on your adult bucket list, but for kids living in hot climates, there’s nothing better than a playground With water sprays, jets and giant buckets that tip cooling torrents from on high. In Saudi Arabia splash parks are becoming popular, and PolySoft Splash surfacing is developing a reputation for keeping water-cooled kids safe at play.

Over the past year, Nabil Rashidi, managing director at PremierQ, a Bahrain-based playground design and installation company, has overseen the pouring of hundreds of square metres of PolySoft slip-resistant, impact-attenuating surfacing in Saudi Arabia.

He says the prime concern of municipalities and developers in watery splash-park environments is for children’s safety. ‘At Ras Tanura, a housing project for senior and expatriate employees and their families, we installed PolySoft in two splash parks at either end of the eight-kilometre-long development. The architect specified PolySoft from the start, because of its safety features.

The developers were so pleased with the outcome, says Rashidi, that they commissioned an expansion of one of the playgrounds, to meet popular demand.

On Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, the prestigious Jeddah Waterfront redevelopment was enVisioned in response to a royal decree to improve the city’s public amenities and recreation opportunities. Among the 4.5 kilometres of new swimming beaches, aquarium, cultural centre, restaurants and hotels, is the highlight for children — a 700 m2 splash park defined by a design of interlocking circles of blue and white PolySoft Splash surfacing, and incorporating the shriek-inducing delight of a splash bucket.

Thousands of children visited the Jeddah Waterfront when it opened in late November 2017. Rashidi, himself the father of three water babies aged between four and nine years, says he’s proud that his work with PolySoft will safeguard hordes of happy kids in years to come. That the surface remains degrees cooler under sunlight than alternatives such as concrete or rubber, is also Vital In the Saudi climate: “Having a product that doesn’t burn kids’ feet when they’re playing is very important,” he says.

In addition to the unique qualities of PolySoft surfaces, Rashidi values the professionalism of PolySoft management: “The managing director, Ophelia Zhu, is very responsive to enquiries, and the company provided valuable training and clear instructions on how to lay the surfaces. We have a great relationship With PolySoft, which helps us carry out our work efficiently and to the highest standard.”

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