PolySoft has created a cool. smooth oasis among the big, bright bricks of a shiny new theme park.

PolySoft Splash is the surface that sets the tone for water play amid a riot of signature primary colour at the world’s latest LegoLand in Dubai. In this often blazing climate, two cool pools of shimmering, shallow blue draw kids to the Joker Soaker playground and the Boating School Lagoon.

The opportunity to blend PolySoft’s coloured beads for just the right vibrant hue was one of the main reasons developers chose this surface for the splashpad areas. Arctic White, Crystal Blue, Vermillion, Burnt Amber and Morning Sky colours were used over almost one square kilometre, a small challenge for installer Tanseeq – but they aced it and are thrilled with the result.

Director Syed A. Wajid of Tanseeq “I’m proud to be a part of Dubai’s spectacular growth in tourism” he says.

Other features that made PolySoft the perfect base to pour around sturdy ladders, chutes and water slides include its non-slip qualities, it’s durability in this high-traffic scenario, and fade resistance in an environment combining chlorinated water with intense sunlight.

The combined team of Tanseeq and PolySoft have already shown the longevity of PolySoft in public pathways and gardens throughout the Middle East; the product’s reputation was established in projects such as Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Abu Dhabi’s much loved Mushrif Central Park.

For the LegoLand project Wajid had also recommended the flexibility of PolySoft – its suitability for pouring on uneven concrete to achieve a surface that is smooth and seamless, but with variations in level that help retain just the right amount of water for safe fun in the sun.

PolySoft has made a splash in watery fun parks, from Jin Fang Spa in China to Wetside Water Park in tropical Queensland, in Australia. It flexibly forms around playground equipment bases, covering safety anchors and reducing the dangers of tripping; and easily accommodates water jets and fountains.

PolySoft’s brilliant colours and hygienic, accommodating surfaces have, dare we say it cemented its reputation for enabling play” says Ophelia Zhu, Managing Director of PolySoft.

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