Deep in the woods of south-western China’s Yunnan province is a pirate-themed spa experience that’s kind to your feet. No walking the splintery plank here—it’s a showcase for PolySoft.

Kunming in China is famous for its hot springs. PolySoft played an integral part in the recent reimagining of a five-star spa hotel’s surrounds, combining colour and fantasy figures with a waterworld of fun for the whole family. Johnny Depp may not be a fixture in this scene reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, but PolySoft safety, durability and versatility take centre stage.

The spa’s owners commissioned Michael Pua of Perfect Sense, a renowned Singapore-based landscape, lighting and sound-design consultancy to create an experience both entertaining and soothing. His solution was to set pirate ships, and 3D sea creatures in an expanse of PolySoft Play/Splash, incorporating the colourful shapes of crabs, giant squid, seahorses and whales … Adjacent to the family area, he also created a forest hideaway of rock pools, Japanese tea cups and sake cups—a slightly more traditional spa experience for grown-ups.

In all, PolySoft provided 3,000 m2 of non-skid, soft-fall, easy-maintenance surface, made up of regular and super-sized PolySoft beads—to enable fast drainage.

Says installer Song Tao of Kunming Junmi Trading Company, “The water park is a variety of entertainment. We’ve got a huge pirate ship in the middle of the kids’ pool, where children can find treasure in the cave behind the ship. We designed a giant country hidden in the woods with big cups, hot pots and parrots. There’s a long Chinese-dragon slide, straight from the top of the hill to the adults’ pool in the bottom. It’s the perfect place for a vacation.”

PolySoft Arctic White and Alabaster were combined for a natural white-sand effect over 95% of the installed area, while the illustrated sea creatures used almost the full palette of PolySoft hues to fantastic effect.

And as Tao explains, “In a water park, people don’t wear shoes, and PolySoft is not like cement or polyurethane films—it’s soft, anti-skid, colourful and most important—it’s safe.”

The hardest part of the massive installation job, says Tao, was working in the rainy season, “But we built rainproofing overhead, applied primer, mixed the granules with the binder and …” away they went. He concedes that it required “time and perseverance” to perfectly render the intricate animal shapes on the spa floor.

From start to finish, including erecting the rain shelters, PolySoft installation took about a month. And the results are spectacular. Part water playground, part adult chill zone, this fantasy spa satisfies all needs.

Ophelia Zhu, Managing Director of PolySoft is justifiably proud of the company’s first major project in China, “An internationally renowned designer and a respected local theme-park construction company agreed on PolySoft as the most pleasing and appropriate surface for a major tourist attraction. I like to think of all those families having fun in a beautiful, low-risk environment—never mind the giant squid!”

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