Kids are no pushover, since PolySoft came to the rescue at a popular US recreational area.

Kiwanis Park in Washington State, in the Northwest of the United States, is a haven for young families who came in the summer to play baseball, have a barbecue and cool the kids off at the spray park. But when the concrete of the spray park became slick with the daily slurry of sunscreen and water, parents demanded that Mt Vernon city council come up with a better surface solution.

PolySoft Versatex is a non-porous, slip-resistant surface that can be applied directly to existing substrate. “It’s perfect for retrofitting safety and brilliance onto concrete splash pads at a low cost because the original surface needs minimal preparation,” explains Richard Lao, Sales and Marketing Manager for PolySoft.

“We like it a lot,” says Bill King, Director of Parks and Enrichment Services for the City of Mt Vernon. “They did a good job putting it in!

Installer Don Emde of Sierra Stone and his team waited for the right conditions to prime the concrete, lay the polyurethane binder, broadcast PolySoft’s polyolefin beads and seal the deal. “We needed warm, dry days for installation, which we don’t get a lot of here in the Northwest,” adds King ruefully.

The combined materials raised the surface of the spray park by just 3 to 4 mm, but they sure raised the park’s profile. Versatex put Kiwanis Park safely back on the map, with its non-slip, beaded finish and a vibrant colour palette. Each colour in the pattern gets its depth and intensity through being made up of beads in two or three complementary hues that visually pop, whatever the weather.

Lao traveled from Australia to lend a hand during installation, and when the seal was set, he said to the city officials, park designer, and installers: “Take off your shoes and walk on it, feel how it’s softer and cooler than the concrete.

“They really felt the difference,” says Lao, “and they were pretty excited!”

King says that, “When the park reopened, people loved it. It’s beautiful. It really looks nice and we’re hoping it will have an impact on the number of slips and falls.”

PolySoft can guarantee that this easy-application product with its independently verified anti-slip rating will bring down the rate of bruising and grazes at Kiwanis spray park.

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