Forts and treehouses,rockers and swings allsorts, bridges and sandpits, Canberra’s new Boundless children’s playground set into the north east edge of Kings Park offers an exciting series of equipment and sensory areas linked by ramps and the colours of PolySoft. The ramps allow disabled kids in their wheelchairs to go anywhere that their able-bodied siblings and friends can go; the colours signify fun in nature – and safety.

Landscape architect Neil Hobbs had been keen to use PolySoft playground surfacing in a children’s park for some time – “It’s purported to have solved the problems of other soft-fall products,” he says. In this setting PolySoft was the perfect fit. Boundless Canberra is designed specifically to be an all-abilities environment, where kids can play together and spend time outdoors with their families. The surfaces needed to be seamless, for both wheelchairs and unsteady walkers – PolySoft provided the right combination of firm and gentle.

Says Hobbs,“Because the playground is designed for wheelchair use, the surface couldn’t be too springy or it would be hard to move a wheelchair over it, and you want the whole surface to be consistent, flawless, with seamless colour joins – PolySoft has certainly delivered there.

“We also used it in water play areas, where it drains quickly and effectively.”

He adds,“I’m very happy with it so far.” The playground’s 800 square metres or so of PolySoft was laid in July this year, and the park opened in October. Hobbs says he’ll be closely observing the heat and fade resistant properties of the play surface over the summer of 2014-15.

PolySoft tendered for the playground, which was envisaged by Canberra’s public servants as a gift to the city’s children, thus PolySoft took this opportunity to assist by way of donating a portion of the materials to be used.

Says PolySoft’s GM, Kellie Steiner, “We also wanted to contribute something more than the safety and durability of PolySoft to this fabulous project.” Steiner adds, “The process of mixing colours to represent the natural landscapes around Canberra was an enjoyable challenge and the result is truly beautiful.”

PolySoft not only provides a safe landing for children running, jumping and hanging out on climbing equipment, it’s slip resistant when wet, hygienic for bare feet, non-toxic and easy to clean and maintain. As Hobbs says, PolySoft’s reputation for superior quality precedes it. An Australian developed and produced product, PolySoft has been installed in high-profile children’s precincts from Singapore to Manhattan.

The surface is 100 per cent recyclable and derives 40 per cent of its materials from natural resources.

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