PolySoft’s new Versatex surface has won the approval of Best Western Hotels, a hospitality chain that works to some of the most exacting standards in the world to ensure the safety and health of its guests. Refurbishment of the Best Western Hotel in Salmon Arm, in the Canadian province of British Columbia led the company to install Versatex in its pool and shower areas, with stunning results.

Mike Jerry of Western Safety Surfacing Inc (WSSI), is the certified PolySoft installer who proposed and applied Versatex, in natural hues, to this recreational area. The result is as slip-resistant as any beach, and more pristine in terms of hygiene.

Says Jerry, “For this job, I required a system that offers top-down sealing, to make sure every gap is sealed. In shower and pool areas, we wanted to ensure that bodily fluids, viruses, moulds and so on couldn’t get trapped in there and multiply.

“PolySoft is a true non-porous pebble to start with. That’s where it’s really outstanding for me. It’s durable, hygienic and easy to clean. The Versatex process applies adhesive on the floor, then the pebbles and then a sealing coat that prevents any water coming through from the surface.”

WSSI applied PolySoft Versatex to the pool and hot-tub decks of Best Western Salmon Arm, as well as in the pool area’s shower and toilet facilities, seamlessly running the surface some 12 cm up the wall, for cleaning convenience.

Best Western chose the natural hues of Desert Tan, Silky Oak, Arctic White and Burnt Amber, to complete the scene of its beachside wall murals. Says Jerry, “The hotel inspector for Best Western is very happy with the product. What works well for me that as an installer I’ve gained the trust of Best Western. They leave the choice of product up to me, and in my mind PolySoft is definitely the premier product.”

Like PolySoft Splash, Versatex resists fading due to chlorine and UV rays; remains cooler than concrete underfoot in sun-scorched summer months, and offers excellent lateral strength that resists cracking.

Developed and produced in Australia, PolySoft has offices in Sydney, Montreal in Canada, Ohio in the US and in Dubai.

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