A kid-friendly sensation, PolySoft began rolling out its vibrantly coloured, soft-fall, non-slip surfaces around 10 years ago. Scientifically formulated for impact attenuation, to be slip resistant in wet areas, to be cool underfoot in the heat, and to resist fading when exposed to high-UV light and pool chemicals, PolySoft surfaces have been installed from Melbourne to Manhattan; from Mexico to the Middle East.

In Australia PolySoft has often contributed in areas where kids need a little extra care.

At Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Polysoft has been keeping company with the “Creature”, a vivid towering sculpture by Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, for about eight years. Tracey Lawson, Project Officer with Facilities Management at the hospital says kids love the Creature – “It’s colourful and it encourages them to climb.”
Naturally, RCH wanted to protect its young visitors and patients against bruises and breaks they might sustain if they fell from the tubular limbs of Creature onto the terrazzo floor of the hospital’s main foyer, so it installed PolySoft Play surface around the base of the Creature. Unusually for PolySoft, the installed area is charcoal in colour, to complement the sculpture’s magnificent bright stripes, and Lawson says the area has held its colour and integrity under the happy pounding of thousands of tiny feet.

The Boundless playground in Canberra adds outdoor elements, and often wild wheelchair traffic to the stresses on 800 m2 of PolySoft installed in July 2014. Landscape architect Neil Hobbs says the colours have remained consistently bright, and, “I’m certainly very happy with it.”

Boundless, with its forts, treehouses, swings, bridges and sandpits, was designed for disabled and wheelchair-bound kids to be able to access anything their able-bodied siblings and friends could play on. It required a seamless, continuous surface, firm enough to let wheelchairs roll unimpeded, while also offering impact attenuation – softer landings in the event of a fall or tumble.

Hobbs says an 80 m2 extension to the playground surface was easily added, and when the surface became “worn down under the swing and carousel”, it was easily and seamlessly repaired. He says he frequently recommends PolySoft to customers, “because it holds up so well”.

Another brilliantly performing PolySoft installation is at the $14.5 million George Bass Special School. Designed and built specifically to engage children with special needs in development and education, it was officially opened in June 2014 with PolySoft softfall, UV resistant, seamless surfacing installed under and around playground equipment. School Principal, Peter Skinner, says the surface receives a great deal of enthusiastic traffic, but itself has warranted no special care, and has maintained its integrity over the past four-and-a-half years.

“Inspiring colours and encouragement to activity are vital aspects of programs and playgrounds that aim to develop and entertain young children of all abilities,” says PolySoft Managing Director, Ophelia Zhu. “We’re proud to have contributed to these three facilities, and are thrilled to see PolySoft perform so well under vigorous use!”

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