Fall attenuation is vital in children’s playgrounds. Heat and slip reduction underfoot make areas designed for fun even more fun. But some designers respond most to PolySoft’s aesthetic appeal.

Ruth Czermak’s designs for the landscape architectural consultancy, Botanical Traditions, are havens for humans. In her childcare centres, the textures of timbers, stone, rope, and smooth and corrugated iron lead infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers to explore the natural world. Among the plants and lawn corners, different ground surfaces, including PolySoft, encourage crawling. Plants of varied height and habit are intriguing, inviting even the littlest kids to look up!

“PolySoft provides a different texture we can call upon,” says Czermak, the firm’s founder and principal landscape architect, who last year used PolySoft for a pathway in Melbourne’s landmark five-story Professor Lynn Corcoran Early Learning Centre. The centre was designed and constructed in the forecourt of the Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, to provide 100 childcare places in proximity to parents who work at the Institute – and smooth their transition from parental leave to a balanced work-and-family life.

“We used PolySoft in the baby-to-toddler playground area on a sheltered balcony,” says Czermak who explains that the PolySoft pathway “forms a beautiful ribbon throughout the play space”, encouraging its variously mobile inhabitants to circulate through the environment.

Czermak agrees that the fall-attenuation and non-slip characteristics of PolySoft come into play and that childcare facilities most often specify the need for surfaces that are easy to clean, that will not crack or discolour with wear and sun; and that surface providers are reliable in attending to warranty issues.

These are matters of course for PolySoft which was developed to be colour-fast and enduring in the harshest conditions, and easy to maintain. In the rare event that PolySoft needs patching under a playground’s most popular swing, for example, or if vandals manage to pierce its hide, PolySoft’s network of trained installers can seamlessly resurface small or large sections of a design.

Such primary considerations aside, says Czermak, “I prefer the aesthetic look of PolySoft over many other surfaces, and it offers a colour range that isn’t available in other materials.”

Where Czermak has so far used PolySoft over the past two years, the surface has formed a natural part of environments that clients are thrilled with.

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